Embroidery Stitches

Mary Webb
The most exhaustive reference guide to embroidery stitches ever published. In a small format for easy portability, this book contains detailed information on more than 400 embroidery stitches-easily more than twice as many as found in earlier books. From the basic to the more intricate and from traditional to contemporary, each embroidery stitch is demonstrated through clear, colorful illustrations and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. Stitches are grouped according to type, making it easy to locate a specific stitch, and presented in order of difficulty, from beginner to advanced. The stitches are further divided into fabric stitches and canvas stitches, and include: Line and border stitches Straight and slanted stitches Filling and detached stitches Composite and isolated stitches Crossed and insertion stitches Edging and hem stitches Motif stitches Single- and double-canvas stitches Plain- and even-weave fabric stitches. This book is the perfect handbook for the relaxing and enduring hobby of embroidery.


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