Christ in the Psalms

Patrick Henry Reardon
The Psalms run like a golden thread through the beautiful garment of Orthodox worship. In addition to inspiring the public prayer of the church, the Psalms are an indispensable part of the private devotions of all who seek a closer relationship with God.Most important, however, the Psalms point toward the ultimate liberation of humanity from sin, death and despair through Jesus Christ.Father Pat Reardon, drawing on his long experience as an Episcopal, and then as a priest in the Orthodox Church, has produced a work of depth and devotion. He rightly understands that one cannot truly probe the deep meaning of the Psalms unless one understands them in the light of the redemption brought by Christ...He provides the fresh and intensely personal insights of a pastor to the study of the Book of Psalms."Every now and then a book comes along that is a small classic. Here is such a book: elegantly written, deceptively simple, and utterly absorbing."Father Addison Hart, Priest, Newman Center, Northern Illinois University


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