Essentials of Radiologic Science (Second Edition)

Denise Orth
While maintaining the focused, student-friendly approach this title is known for, the updated 2nd Edition of Essentials of Radiologic Science now adds more detail and context on key topics to better meet the needs of today�s classroom. Designed throughout to help students succeed in the course and begin preparing for the ARRT examination from the very beginning of their program, the 2nd Edition now includes comprehensive coverage of digital imaging, an array of in-book and online learning tools to help students of all learning styles master the content, and a powerful suite of online instructor�s resources. Features: - New! An expanded Part IV on Digital Imaging and Processing covers basic principles, acquiring the digital image, digital imaging exposure techniques, exposure indicators, processing, evaluation, and management to give students the knowledge base they�ll need in today�s clinical settings. - New! More detail on selected topics provides greater depth of coverage. - Updated Case Studies with numbered Critical Thinking Questions use real-life scenarios to encourage students to apply chapter concepts. - Over 400 full-color illustrations, radiographic images, photos, and charts clarify key concepts while making the text visually appealing and interesting. - Revised Critical Thinking Boxes give students an opportunity to apply chapter topics by answering numbered clinical/practical application questions. - Alignment with ARRT and ASRT curriculum standards ensures that book content provides all the key information that students will need in practice. - Video and Animation icons alert students to go online to access interactive learning resources that provide audio and visual explanations of key topics. - Useful pedagogical features help students master the material, including Chapter Objectives, Key Terms, Chapter Summaries, Chapter Review Questions, and a Glossary.


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