Beliefs, Behaviors, and Results: The Chief Executive's Guide to Delivering Superior Shareholder Value

Scott Gillis, Lee Mergy, Joe Shalleck
For any CEO who wants to achieve and sustain superior shareholder value growth. All chief executives want to deliver superior returns for their shareholders, however only a few have been able to do so on a sustainable basis. Beliefs, Behaviors, and Results profiles how the best Fortune 200 CEOs have been able to outperform their peers and sustain superior shareholder returns by institutionalizing a set of beliefs and behaviors in their organizations. Through the words and case examples of these leading chief executives, the authors capture the five core principles that have transformed the performance of some of the world's best corporations. Readers will learn how the CEOs of these companies united their organizations around a common definition of winning, how they helped their managers capture a greater share of market profits, and how they established a culture where all managers think and act like entrepreneurial owners. Readers will learn how the best executives: - Look at markets differently to identify new profitable growth opportunities - Develop strategic innovations that are at least as valuable as new product innovations in driving shareholder value growth - Establish a reinvestment advantage that is difficult for competitors to match - Sustain superior performance over time In addition, the reader will learn the: - Common mistakes that prevent most management teams from maximizing profitable growth and shareholder value - Specific actions that all senior managers can take to materially change sustainable performance of their corporation


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