Roald Dahl
"The Trunchbull” is no match for Matilda! Matilda is a sweet, exceptional young girl, but her parents think she's just a nuisance. She expects school to be different but there she has to face Miss Trunchbull, a kid-hating terror of a headmistress. When Matilda is attacked by the Trunchbull she suddenly discovers she has a remarkable power with which to fight back. It'll take a superhuman genius to give Miss Trunchbull what she deserves and Matilda may be just the one to do it!


Reviewed: 2017-01-19


If you like books that are funny and exciting then you should read this book.It's about a litte girl named Matilda that loves to read and goes to school but the headmistress Miss Trunchbull hates kid and gives them horrible punishments , but one day Matilda discovers she has superpowers and uses them to give what Miss Trunchbull what she deserves.  


Jenny P.

Reviewed: 2016-03-14

It was funny and cool. My favorite part was when Matilda made the glass of water spill on Miss Trenchbull.

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