1001 Things Everyone Should Know about Women's History

Constance Jones
Where do you go to learn about Courtney Love, the Queen of Sheba, or Elizabeth Barrett Browning? How about "the Blond Bombshell," foot binding, or even "hotpants?" 1001 Things Everyone Should Know About Women's History is history at your fingertips--all told in concise and easily read entries accompanied by over 100 photos, cartoons, etchings, and paintings.In clear and engaging prose, author Constance Jones gives readers a glimpse of the essential, exciting, and esoteric people, places, issues, and events that make up women's history. She covers the fundamentals, but also offers a healthy smattering of amusing, startling, and scandalous tidbits--the stuff that makes history so much fun. Where else can readers meet politicians, artists, athletes, physicians, teachers, soldiers, criminals, spiritual leaders, entertainers, poets, scientists, inventors, lovers, entrepreneurs, journalists, farmers, activists, and thrill-seekers of every stripe?Sections include: 1) Politics and Government; 2) Arts and Entertainment; 3) Literature and Journalism; 4) Religion and Humanitarianism; 5) Science, Medicine, and Technology; 6) Education and Academia; 7) Business and the Workplace; 8) Sports and Adventure; 9) Daily Life; 10) Wild Women.


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