Ticket Around the World, A

Natalia Diaz, Kim Smith (Illustrator), Melissa Owens
Join a young boy as he hops around the globe, visiting friends in 13 different countries spanning all 6 populated continents. Along the way, he introduces us to each friend's environment and customs, and shares interesting facts about each country's culture, language, food, geography, wildlife, landmarks and more. Each country has a dedicated spread with a small map that shows geography and landmarks, letting readers imagine they are traveling, too. The format makes it easy to spot similarities and differences between countries. This informational picture book brings engaging nonfiction content to younger readers by showing them how other children just like them live around the world. Playful, realistic illustrations done with stylized realism lend warmth and whimsy to the book, making each locale feel welcoming. A Ticket Around the Worldwill leave readers feeling like they've toured the globe without ever having left home.


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#ticketaroundthew... about a boy that travels 13 countries shares interesting facts about each country’s culture,language,landmarks and more
#ticketaroundthew... Travel to 13 different countries with a young boy, learning a variety of special characteristics about that country!
#ticketaroundthew... this book is interesting as it takes us on a journey with him.
#ticketaroundthew... This a great first biography book. In fact, show how people dress, write graphic, the language of 13 different countries.