Outsiders 40th Anniversary edition, The

SE Hinton
First published by Viking in 1967, The Outsiders immediately resonated with young adults. This groundbreaking novel was like nothing else out there?it was honest and gritty, and was a deeply sympathetic portrayal of Ponyboy, a young man who finds himself on the outside of regular society. Forty years later, with over thirteen million copies sold, the story is as fresh and powerful to teenagers today as it ever was. Celebrate the fortieth anniversary of a classic with this stunning edition, featuring the original cover.


Reviewed: 2018-12-30

The importance of this book as part of what defines our culture is indisputable; the question for me is whether it would be a good addition to an English language library in Mexico. 

At 27, the median age of the people in Mexico is ten years younger than that of the United States. This can be an issue for any book from an earlier generation. The book in question was written 3 years before I was born. There were times I found the colloquial expressions unfamiliar, so that would certainly be an issue for a second language learner. 

But I still believe it would be an important addition to the collection. Most students of English are young people and this book is famously written by a young person for a young audience. The themes of the book speak to people today. Mexico is a place where loyalty and friendship remain as cultural anchors, but it is also a place of violence and division. This "greaser" and "Soc" divide can be paralleled with the "cholos" and "fresas."

In my collection, this book could act a bridge between cultures. For the advanced English language learner who may be wanting to study in the United States or Canada, this book will open to their eyes to what is defined as a classic and see that such a classic is relevant today. 

Biblioteca Inglesa de Fortin 
(English Library of Fortin)
Fortin de las Flores, Veracruz, Mexico

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