Celebrate Anglicanism

Bud Davis
Celebrate Anglicanism is an extremely accessible introduction to Anglicanism -- and in particular to its North American expression.  For any who want to understand the basics of Christian Faith and the way that Faith has come to be handed on by those who would describe themselves as Anglican Christians this book covers all the basics. Celebrate Anglicanism is written by a layman for the laity of the Anglican Church.  The book is for those who are curious, who want to learn, who need basic knowledge.  It is for ordinary Christians and those who are considering claiming their vocations as laymen and women in the world.  The book is an invitation to becoming a disciple, and being informed enough to invite others into following Christ as committed and informed Anglicans. Celebrate Anglicanism is divided into seven chapters.  It encourages use by groups -- classes -- where together inquirers can discover the treasure that is the Christian Faith in the Anglican Way.  There are lots of questions to connect what is being learned to personal reflection or group discussion. The appendices offer everything from the classic creeds to a Church Constitution to contemporary statements from global gatherings. Celebrate Anglicanism is particularly useful in describing the way in which historic and global Anglicanism has been recovered and renewed in the Anglican Church in North America.  Indeed, the book helps one understand how the emergence of the Anglican Church in North America is the fruit of a world-wide Reformation of Anglicanism.  Among the stories that are told is how the Global Anglican Future Conference of 2008 called for the formation of the Anglican Church of North America as part of the re-centering of world-wide Anglicanism on the Faith once for all delivered to the saints.  The second Global Anglican Future Conference has meet in 2013 where the North American Province took its place as part of the great missionary movement, which is 21st century orthodox Anglicanism. As one whose ministry has been concerned to offer the fullness of Anglicanism as a very reliable way to invite, form, disciple, and deploy committed Christians, I commend Celebrate Anglicanism to those who are looking for a new life in Christ and to those who are charged with preparing souls for such a life in the Anglican Way. The Most Reverend Robert Duncan, D.D.  


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