1001 great ideas for teaching and raising children with autism spectrum disorders

NOTBOHM, Ellen and ZYSK, Veronica
1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders is an essential resource for any home or educational library. With its accessible text and format, solutions to everyday problems are only a paragraph away.' - Maureen Bennie, Director, Autism Awareness Centre Inc. 'This book reflects experience of a professional in the field of Autism and a parent of a child with Autism. Their strengths make for an upbeat book of wisdom for all touched by Autism. Chapters include practical tips on sensory integration, daily living strategies, toilet training, and social skills.' - Support for Families of Children with Disabilities Newsletter 'A friendly voice offering parents and teachers immediate usable ideas that emphasize the practical rather than the technical. Well organised for quick reading with major ideas preceded by helpful introductory text. A great resource that parents and teachers should keep readily available.' - Christine Hunt, MS, special education and resource teacher '1001 Great Ideas is just that, a treasure trove of wonderful ideas and activities! This hope-filled book not only connects the reader to the world of Autism Spectrum Disorders but also provides a multitude of practical solutions to the broad range of challenges that parents and professionals face each and every day. 1001 Great Ideas is a resource that both parents and professionals will constantly turn to.' - Scott Tanner, School Psychologist and Director of Clinical Services The sensory perceptual issues and communication difficulties commonly experienced by people on the autism spectrum not only cause discomfort but can also lead to challenging and sometimes baffling behaviours. This accessible book is a comprehensive source of practical advice for parents, teachers and carers of children on the autism spectrum. The authors offer positive strategies for dealing with a range of issues including sleep disorders, toilet training, social skills and sensory dysfunction. Recognising that children experience the world differently, they also provide a number of possible solutions for each potential difficulty. Combining straightforward information on specific difficulties with practical advice, this book will prove invaluable to anyone involved in the care of a child on the spectrum.


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