20 Green Jobs in Public Policy, Analysis, Advocacy, and Regulatory Affairs

Looking for a green job in the field of policy, analysis, advocacy, regulatory affairs? As part of Peterson's Green Careers in Energy, this eBook offers detailed information on careers like Compliance Manager, Construction and Building Inspector, Paralegal, Planning Technician, Public Relations Specialist, and Urban and Regional Planner. You'll find up-to-date information on job trends, work environment, career paths, earning potential, education/licensure requirements, and contact information for additional resources. This eBook also features interviews with individuals who work in this field, tips for reducing your carbon travel footprint, and "green" tidbits about making sense of green labels, the new urbanism, the Irish plastic bag tax, and more! Bonus sections include: "What Does Being Green Mean," which examines the current interest in sustainability and the New Energy for America program, and "Essays on the Importance of Sustainability," which offers insightful articles by individuals at the forefront of environmental organizations, university sustainability efforts, and college training programs.


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