Babies in Waiting

Rosie Fiore
Meet Louise, 38, Toni, 26 and Gemma, 18. They are all expecting babies in September. One of them conceived in a hurry because she was running out of time. One of them fell pregnant to keep a man and one got knocked up by mistake after a one-night-stand. But none of them realized what they would come up against as they face nine long months of pregnancy, and the reactions of friends, family and colleagues. Meeting through an online forum, they form an unlikely but powerful bond. When it seems that all they have is each other, their lives will be thrown into turmoil, as a blast from the past threatens to destroy everything. Babies in Waiting is a heart-warming novel about motherhood, friendship and finding love at the most surprising time in your life. It is also very funny, sexy and utterly compelling.


Reviewed: 2021-03-15
Oh, please don't judge me. Chick-lit was on sale on Amazon and I downloaded loads of this **** for cheap and because every now and then I need mindless entertainment. And to be honest, I didn't mind the story (I'd watch it if it were a chick-flick movie), I just hate the writing of these types of books. Oh well - it served its purpose. On to more memorable books....
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