Digital Domain: The Leading Edge of Visual Effects

Piers Bizony
From Armageddon, Dante’s Peak, Interview with a Vampire, and Apollo 13 to Titanic, The X-Men, Fight Club, and the record-breaking The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Digital Domain has been on the cutting edge of effects production. Founded in 1993 by industry veterans James Cameron, Stan Winston, and Scott Ross, this studio has produced some of the most spectacular special effects ever seen in cinema. Digital Domain: The Leading Edge of Visual Effects provides an exclusive, first-ever look at the Academy Award–winning production company at the forefront of the Hollywood special effects industry. Readers will discover dozens of cutting-edge special effects techniques, ranging from model-making and CGI morphing to digitally created virtual sets and “synthespians.” Unique, frame-by-frame deconstructions demonstrate how the most sophisticated special effects are achieved, and stunning case examples from the company’s work illustrate basic effects from conception to completed sequences. Plus, dozens of previously unpublished, behind-the-scenes photos reveal the expert artistry needed to create these groundbreaking effects, as well as the various ways digital imaging is combined with the work of set designers, model makers, and production artists to achieve brilliant results. Digital Domain also includes an interesting overview of the future of movie technology—including the almost certain elimination of film stock—as well as the recent blurring between the traditional “cinema” experience and the growing new market for theme park rides and PC game simulators.


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