Queeriodic Table

Jake Basford
As featured in The New York Times A cleverly designed gift book playing on the 'periodic table' to celebrate all aspects of LGBTQ+ culture, in small, easy-to-digest sections. Celebrate the richness of modern queer culture and its vast history with this fascinating introduction to all the essential elements that helped sculpt the LGBTQ+ community up to the present day, including: ·the fascinating stories of queer pioneers like Marsha P. Johnson, celebrities, game-changers and unsung heroes alike ·the essential LGBTQ+ timeline of queer world history ·the biggest queer culture festivals and events in the world ·classic works of queer art, literature, music, TV and film. This fabulous collection shines a light on the rich variety of elements to cheer about that form The Queeriodic Table.


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