Anatomy for the Artist

Daniel Carter, Michael Courtney
All artists, whether professional or amateur, need a thorough understanding of human anatomy in order to depict the complexity of the human form correctly. Anatomy for the Artist is a beautifully illustrated volumme, which takes the reader into the wonderul world of human anatomy. The book is divided into five sections, with information on the head & the neck, the trunk, the upper extremity, the lower extremity, & ending with a section on movement Each sections is comprehensively illustrated using detailed drawings of the human body, accompanied by a clear commentary describing the structure & function of that particular body part. There is also information about how to proportion figures correctly, how to depict light & shade, as well as hints & tips on the best way of drawing moving figures. Guidance is given about the correct kind of artist's equipment to use to achieve the best results. A fascinating subject in its own right, Anatomy for the Artist is essential reading for anyone who wants to enjoy sketching the human form.


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