Badass: Making Users Awesome

Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates
Imagine someone was forcing you to create a new bestselling product or service. "Or else," they say, and you believe them. You have no marketing budget, and this product or service must have sustainable success. Where do you start?This book shows you what makes one product sell and another one fail, even when they’re equally priced and equally promoted. It’s not about how users feel about your product or brand. It’s about how they feel about themselves, and how your product or service helps them do and be.In other words, it’s about making your users badass. With a combination of hard-working graphics and strong practicality, Kathy Sierra—bestselling author and founder of the Head First series—shows you exactly what that means, and what you need to do to make it happen.If you’re a product developer, designer, UX engineer, programmer, architect, member of a marketing team, or part of a start-up, you’ll see your product or service in a whole new way.


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