Blood of Ra #2: Daughter of Ra

M. Sasinowski
Book 2 in the Blood of Ra Trilogy In the heart-pounding sequel to M. Sasinowski's award-winning Heir of Ra, Alyssa's wit and resolve--and sanity--are put to the test once again. Alyssa thought her fight was over. She was wrong. The memories come unbidden. Plagued by visions from the past, Alyssa struggles to discern myth from reality. Desperate to uncover the truth about her ancestry and her mother's tragic disappearance, Alyssa must reunite with old friends--and old foes--to discover that her only hope lies in a secret world, hidden in plain sight.


Reviewed: 2019-06-25

This book is so good!! My heart was pounding and the writing was good enough that I could see the action happening as if watching a movie! I didn't even realize how many pages I had read (reading on an ebook) before I realized that I was at the end. 

I need the third book!!!!

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