Tiberius et Gallisena Ultima

Lance Piantaggini
Tiberius is on the run. Fleeing from an attacking Germanic tribe, the soldier finds himself separated from the Roman army. Trying to escape Gaul, he gets help from an unexpected source—a magical druid priestess (a “Gaul” in his language, “Celt” in hers). With her help, can Tiberius survive the punishing landscape of Gaul with the Germanic tribe in pursuit, and make his way home to see Rufus, Piso, and Agrippina once again?


Reviewed: 2019-12-16

4 stars: I liked this book because I was able to translate and follow most of it on my own. The plot was also interesting. You should read this book if you like adventure and plot twists. - Riley Hendrix, December 2019

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