Surviving the Applewhites

Stephanie S. Tolan
Will anyone take on Jake Semple?Jake Semple is notorious. Rumor has it he burned down his old school and got kicked out of every school in his home state.Only one place will take him now, and that's a home school run by the Applewhites, a chaotic and hilarious family of artists. The only one who doesn't fit the Applewhite mold is E.D.—a smart, sensible girl who immediately clashes with the unruly Jake.Jake thinks surviving this one will be a breeze . . . but is he really as tough or as bad as he seems?


Reviewed: 2017-09-28
Jake, a budding juvenile delinquent, is sent for home schooling to the arty and eccentric Applewhite family's Creative Academy, where he discovers talents and interests he never knew he had.
Reviewed: 2016-08-16

I loved this story because it brings a troubled child who only knows how to hate, to a child that sees a future for himself, and from a child who knows no love to one who is a valued member of a family and community.   At first, I found it difficult to figure out the role of each character in the story, but as the plot unfolds, you see how each character is strategically placed in the plot to help Jake become an important part of the family and community. I think the author's characterization of the characters is brilliant becase they are all very unique and interesting to read about, and I enjoyed learning about them and seeing how they changed.  


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