World of Eric Carle(TM) Hear Bear Roar, The

When readers press one of the sound buttons appearing in the text, they hear the animal’s name read aloud, accompanied by a corresponding animal sound: bear roar, fox yip, deer grunt, wolf howl, dolphin chatter, lobster claw clack, whale song, bird tweet, bee buzz, owl hoot, gull caw, bat squeak, spider skitter, woodpecker rapping, monkey chatter, leopard snarl, goat baa, eagle cry, bear grunts, penguin chatter, walrus roar, seal bark, buffalo grunt, snake hiss, horse whinny, elephant trumpet, prairie dog call, mouse squeak, lion roar, bear snuffle; Each spread presents multiple animals found in one natural environment: under water, up a tree, in the snow, etc. A sound icon for each animal appears in the short text


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