Diane Kredensor (Illustrator)
For fans of Fred Rogers in Won't You Be My Neighbor? and Be Kind, a little bunny, who dreams of being a superhero, proves to her know-it-all older sister that kindness really is a superpower. Some superheroes can leap tall buildings in a single bound, some can crawl up a wall, some grow wolfsharp claws, and some have superhuman speed. And Superbuns? Her superpower is being kind. Super kind. She can't help but be kind: watering a neighbor's daisies; helping a friend cross the street; feeding a hungry goldfish. Superbuns's older sister Blossom is a super know-it-all who doesn't believe kindness is a superpower. Not one bit. And all this kindness is slowing them down on their way to Grammy's house, where a yummy carrot cobbler awaits. But the sisters are being followed by a little fox, and when Blossom learns the fox is not after their cobbler but is lost, she discovers kindness really is a superpower after all.


Reviewed: 2020-12-01
Are you a super-hero like Buns or are you more of a know it all like Blossom? Buns, or Super-Buns as she likes to call herself, and her sister Blossom are on their way to deliver carrot cobbler to their grandmother. On their way Super-Buns stops and helps her neighbors with things like watering plants, taking out the trash, and giving compliments. She is convinced these acts of kindness make her a super-hero. Blossom on the other hand is sure that, "kind is kind but it isn't a super power". Blossom doesn't have time for kindness, she just wants to deliver the cobbler before it gets cold. Their journey is complimented with brightly colored illustrations mixed with comic book narratives. A visit from a furry friend may change the readers and Blossoms mind on what a super-hero really is. Readers of all ages will enjoy this fun, super, and inspirational story. You may even want to be a super hero, just ask Blossom. Submitted by: Jenny P.
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