100 Most Feared Creatures -

Marshall Editors, editors
The next book in the successful 100 MOST series, 100 Most Feared Creatures features the scariest beasts in the animal kingdom!This book will explore the world's most ferocious creatures and reveal the deadliest facts about these terrifying animals. Who fights off predators by spraying blood from its eyes? How does the slender, deep-sea gulper swallow prey twice its size? Who sucks out body fluids with its short, sharp mouthparts? Readers will learn everything they ever wanted to know about some of the scariest creatures on the planet.


Reviewed: 2018-11-15

this book is about 100 animals how they are scary and other things.isn`t categorized are animals of diferent places . I recomend this book in case you findĀ  one of this types of animals you knowhow dangerous it is. Also if you like animals are curios abot them

Reviewed: 2018-11-15

This book is about several top 5 of the most scary animals and plants.You could die by only touching most of them.They are some thet are bigger than 10m and some that you only can see them with a microscope.Most of them are almost invisible to human eyes .Most of them look pretty but they are very dangerous.

I recomend this book because you learn a lot about animals and plants and also a lot of intresting facts about them.

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