Black Bottom down the Bottom B Boyz...

" ... is the study of the illest Black Bottom, Down The Bottom, Not the entire Philly, just one section, The Bottom in West Philly and The Bottom B Boyz in The Bottom, the study of the Hip Hop culture during the 1980's. It's the study of Bottom B Boyz that moved through The Bottom's terrain with complete and unique navigational skillz, It's also the study of Bottom B Boyz and Bottom B Girlz who tested their developing lyrical excellence being and becoming turntable pioneering aviators, defying gravity while committing death defying stunts, movin the roc, styling, discussing tactics on how they be in West Philly Down The Bottom. It's a Bottom Force that's mighty and a Hip hop that's black. It's the study of a Hip hop music that's Hip and real, "Real Rap". It's the study of a Hip hop bawl that witnessed the illest bawls from around his way. It's The Study of Bahamadia the biggest artist to come out of The Black Bottom. It's the study of MC Breeze, the singing MC Breeze with the song you may not have heard "It aint New York" and of course "Discombobulatorbubalator" in which I know you heard back in the day on the streetz of Down Da Bottom in West Philly. It's also the study of "The Mighty B force, Chocolate Star, and Ronnie G the pop'en king. The Black Bottom" and The Bottom Hip hop is to be heard not lost never to be heard, naaw! "--Publisher description.


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