African Pilgrimage Reports and Reflections from Tanzania

Damian J. Milliken
You're in for a treat. This little book glows with love, insight, humor and compassion. The anecdotes about people, animals and events make for first-rate reading, as do the thoughts and comments of a young American priest immersed completely in service to the people of East Africa. The eighty or so stories and comments in African Pilgrimage were excerpted from a decades-long series of letters. Through these letters, the missionary-writer has charmed and inspired his innumerable friends and benefactors around the world. This first volume of African Pilgrimage ends in 1988 after Father Damian became pastor of St. Benedict's Parish in Magamba, but the rich store of stories and thoughts has continued to build unabated. The tales of those later decades will be told in Volume Two, to be published in the near future. About the Author: Father Damian Milliken is a devout parish priest and a superb builder. He has served the spiritual and material needs of the Tanzanian people since he made his unreserved full-time commitment to this work as a young missionary in 1960. Father Damian also is a gifted storyteller, and anyone fortunate enough to have the opportunity to read African Pilgrimage is in for a great treat.


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