Masculine Scenarios

Alcira Mariam Alizade (Editor)
Tabla de contenido Sex and Gender : the Battle Betwween Body and Soul / Colette Chiland. Men and Their bedrock : “Repudiation of Femininity” /Alcira Mariam Alizade. What do men Want? / Jacqueline Amati Mehler. Male Sexuality and Mental Void / Jaime Lutenberg. Offending Gender : Being and Wanting in Male Same-Sex Desire/ Martin Stephen Frommer. The Battle of the Sex / Jorge Kantor. The Loneliness of the Homosexual / Juan Nasio. The Presence of Males in Abortion Discourse and Practices / Juan Figueroa-Perea. The Sexed Body and the real : Its Meaning in Transsexualism / Leticia Glocer & Agueda Giménez. Masculinity Revisited : a Self-Deconstruction / John Munder Ross. Boy´s Envy of Mother and the Consequences of this Narcissistic Mortification / Ruth Lax.


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