10, 9, 8 Polar animals! : a counting backward book

Davis, Rebecca Fjelland
A counting book that introduces a variety of different polar animals living in the arctic.


Reviewed: 2020-12-01
Although it would appear that the idea of counting backward with Artic animals would be appealing to a young child learning to count, it didn't hold the attention of a five year old. At first, the game was fun--count the numbers backward, count the animals forward, and learn a bit about each Arctic animal, but about halfway through the child was finished. To the adult eye, the photographs are attractive, the background colors are bright and cheerful, but that was not the case with the child. The book has a glossary with pronunciations, a bibliography of books and Internet sites, and an index. If used with other counting books, it could be of use in preschool or primary grades.
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