4th New Zealand Armoured Brigade in Italy

Jeffrey Plowman, Malcolm Thomas
This book presents a brief history and equipment of armoured units in Italy during WWII including the 4th New Zealand Armoured Brigade, 7th Anti-tank Regiment. 28th Assault Squadron, etc and gives details of camouflage, markings as well.


Reviewed: 2019-08-16

Jeff and Malcolm Thomas have published a new book of interest to military historians and modellers alike. The book features 40 pages of A4, approximately 70 photographs, 85% of which have never been published before, 70% of the photographs are from private sources (ie. the returned servicemen themselves). Several colour plates on the rear cover showing tactical schemes in Italy. In addition to a brief history of the Brigade it will cover organisation, tactical markings, camouflage, tank names and other markings and will also cover, briefly, the tank destroyers of 7th Anti-Tank Regiment, the specialised armour of the 28th Assault Squadron NZE and units such as the 18th Tank Transporter Company and the NZAC Training Depot in Egypt. 

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