Anatomy of the Sea: Over 600 Creatures of the Deep, The

David Ponsonby, Georges Dussart
From sharks, star-fish, and sea squirts to porpoises, penguins, and plankton, this charming compendium is swimming with exotic sea life. Over 600 specimens are presented in page after page of intricate engravings, woodcuts, and drawings from the Victorian era, the golden age of natural history. Meticulously rendered, these illustrations are paired with observations from early naturalists, describing the classification of each particular species, how its body is constructed, its behavior and preferences, and its habitat. Arranged by type and covering nearly all forms of marine life, The Anatomy of the Sea brings to light in one exquisite detail after another the mysteries of the deep. It's an inspiring book for all those who have gazed at the ocean in wonder. Dr. David Ponsonby is a senior lecturer in biology at Canterbury Christ Church University College in the United Kingdom. He is a member of the Marine Conservation Society and a qualified diver with a life-long interest in marine biology. Professor Georges Dussart has taught and researched biological sciences throughout Europe. He has published four books and over 70 articles in academic journals and currently teaches at Canterbury Christ Church University College.


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