Between the Bridge and the River

Craig Ferguson
Bawdy, joyous, messy, hysterically funny, and guaranteed to offend regardless of religion, race, national origin, sexual orientation, or professionBetween the Bridge and the Riveris the debut novel by Craig Ferguson, host of CBS'sThe Late Late Show. Two childhood friends from Scotland and two illegitimate half-brothers from the American South suffer and enjoy all manner of bizarre experiences which, as it turns out, are somehow interconnected and, surprisingly enough, meaningful. An eclectic cast of characters includes Carl Jung, Fatty Arbuckle, Virgil, Marat, Socrates, and Tony Randall. Love, greed, hope, revenge, organized religion, and Hollywood are alternately tickled and throttled. Impossible to summarize and impossible to stop reading, this is a romantic comic odyssey that actually delivers and rewards.


Reviewed: 2014-01-01

I read this book because I really like Craig Ferguson, the host of the Late Late Show. However, I think I just don't like modern novels where people go places and things happen like they're experiencing life, and not solving a puzzle/murder/disease. Craig did propose some interesting ideas concerning religion, miracles, and the afterlife (not so shocking if you've already read Lamb or Jitterbug Perfume).

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