Moribito Vol 2: Guardian of The Spirit

Kenji Kamiyama
Cornered prey may turn vicious. A cornered hunter may turn the tables. Prince Chagum is hunted by his own father, who believes he is possessed by an evil spirit. Under the protection of a master spear woman named Balsa and her friends, he wonders if his strange powers are in truth a blessing or a curse. The empire's strongest warriors have been sent after them, a team called the Hunters who answer only to the throne. Not only are they seasoned warriors, but they have the resources of the empire behind them. Escaping the town with a careful trick, Balsa's only chance is to take Chagum with her on a perilous ride over the mountains to reach her home kingdom. Wounded from an encounter with the Hunters, Balsa takes off on the desperate crossing. It's a journey she would be hard-pressed to complete safely, even unhurt and without killers on her trail.


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