Guide to Green Housekeeping, A

Christina Strutt
This guide to natural housekeeping is full of helpful advice to help you take a more sustainable path and save the planet for future generations. For example, discover how lemons, baking powder, vinegar, and water can replace the need for nasty chemical cleaning products. The old-fashioned methods described here are complemented by newer ideas and innovations, and applied not only to cleaning but also to restoring furniture and woodwork, and decorating. Also, learn how to grow and use vegetables, fruit, and herbs to make delicious treats, beauty preparations, and herbal remedies. • Follow the advice in Natural Housekeeping and find yourself living a calmer, greener life. • Enjoy the special satisfaction of preparing food you have grown yourself—fertilized with home-made compost. • You can live just as well, if not better—and probably less expensively—without hurting yourself or the planet.


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