Cardcaptor Sakura - Sweet Trouble (Vol. 8)

The eighth collection of this popular series contains both plot-driven episodes and lighter, sillier adventures. The Clow Cards achieve new heights of mischief in "Sakura, Kero, and Shaoran," as Changes switches the bodies of Sakura's classmate Shaoran Li with Kerberos, the plush toy-like creature from the front of the enchanted book. Sakura is caught in the middle, trying to keep her quarrelsome allies apart until she can undo the magic. Sakura faces a moral dilemma when a new friend adopts the wounded Dash Card as a pet--and begins breaking school track records. In other adventures, the Sweet Card ruins a home economics class baking lesson, and a dragon conjured up by the Create Card threatens to flatten the neighborhood until Sakura overcomes her fear and tackles the monster with a combination of magic and old-fashioned pluck. Rated 13 Up, but appropriate for children three to four years younger. --Charles Solomon


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