Budget-Building Book for Nonprofits: A Step-by-Step Guide for Managers and Boards, The

Murray Dropkin, Jim Halpin, Bill La Touche
This best-selling nuts-and-bolts workbook, now in its second edition, has become the gold standard for nonprofit managers and boards who must work through the budget cycle. The book offers practical tools and guidance for completing each step of the budgeting process. Designed to be comprehensive and easy to use, The Budget-Building Book for Nonprofits provides everything budgeters and nonfinancial managers need to prepare, approve, and implement their own budgets. Includes new chapters on Zero-Based and Capital Budgeting as well as a CD with spreadsheets, worksheets and a new budget-building software, the CMS Nonprofit Budget Builder , designed to help you implement the concepts in the book. The software includes an expandable standard chart of accounts (COA) and will aid in building, organizing, tracking and planning budgets.


Reviewed: 2018-07-30

When I purchased this book I thought it would help me understand how to put a budget together for a small organization. This book is tailored for someone stepping into at least a program manager's position in a large nonprofit. It didn't help in the way I'd hoped.

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