Gulliver's Travels

Jonathan Swift
Shipwrecked castaway Lemuel Gulliver’s encounters with the petty, diminutive Lilliputians, the crude giants of Brobdingnag, the abstracted scientists of Laputa, the philosophical Houyhnhnms, and the brutish Yahoos give him new, bitter insights into human behavior. Swift’s fantastic and subversive book remains supremely relevant in our own age of distortion, hypocrisy, and irony. @LittleBigMan Awoke in an unfamiliar land. The boat and my crew are gone. Oh dear, the people here are very small. Oops. Sorry about that. I don’t mean to boast; I’m not a terribly tall man. But these people of Lilliput are the size of child’s Johnson. Still, they have captured me. I have become a great favorite of the Lilliputian court, whose antics are like an adorable tiny version King George’s, the blithering idiot. From Twitterature: The World's Greatest Books in Twenty Tweets or Less


Reviewed: 2015-10-31
I read this about 30 years ago, and I loved this return trip through it. It's perfectly amazing to me how fresh Swift's comments and insights are. To think that this book is almost 300 years old - amazing! People just don't change. People's situations just don't change.
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