Advanced and Multivariate Statistical Methods-1st Ed

Craig A. Mertler, Rachel A. Vannatta
* All the statistics traditionally covered in a second-level course are included. * Stresses the conceptual and practical aspects for students who do not need emphasis on the underlying mathematical theory. * Students learn not only the purpose of and how to compute the statistics using SPSS, they also learn the logic behind the techniques and how to test the underlying assumptions. * Students are shown how to interpret, present, and write up the results for each technique. * Exercises allow students to practice their newly acquired skills. The answer key will be provided with professors' copies. * If your students are overwhelmed by advanced statistics texts that are too technical and mathematical, you should examine this highly applied approach to multivariate statistics. Covers why, what, when and how. Ideal for nonmath majors. * The numerous screenshots and examples of output make it easy for students to follow the text. * Each statistical method is followed by an explanation of why a student might use that method, including a discussion of its purpose and sample research questions it can address. * The authors also show a sample study with an example of how to write up the results. Students see firsthand how to present their statistical findings. * Although SPSS is the program that is illustrated, students using any program will benefit greatly from the conceptual material.


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