Gladiator: The Roman Fighter's [Unofficial] Manual

Philip Matyszak
An entertaining yet factual insider's guide: how to become a gladiator, hone your fighting skills, and thrill the crowds in the Colosseum. So you think you’d like to be a gladiator? Find out how to get thousands to idolize you as the strongest, meanest fighter in the Roman empire. Win fame and fortune in one of Rome’s most glamorous locations, in the presence of the emperor himself. Who wouldn’t kill for a job like that? This handy guide tells you everything you need to know before you step out to fight for your life in front of a roaring crowd: Why you should become a gladiator How to join the most glamorous—yet lethal—profession on earth Who will try to kill you, and with what Which arena of the empire is the right one for you When and how often you will fight What happens before, during, and after a duel Combining the latest research with modern reconstructions, Gladiator helps you experience firsthand the spectacular yet brutal life and death of the most iconic figure of ancient Rome.


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