All Wound Up (A Play-by-Play Novel)

Jaci Burton
In the latest Play-by-Play novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Quarterback Draw, a sexy baseball player is done striking out... Tucker Cassidy is going through a slump—but not on the field. It’s his dating life that’s suffering. After having a painful altercation involving his ex-girlfriend’s knee, Tucker is convinced it couldn’t get worse…until a gorgeous doctor comes to the rescue at his most embarrassing moment.   As the daughter of the owner of the St. Louis Rivers, Dr. Aubry Ross has been around jocks all her life. She knows the ins and outs of all their games, and she isn’t interested in playing.   When Tucker repeatedly lands in the hospital where she’s working, Aubry starts to think he’s getting injured just to see her. Tucker is both funny and sexy, and Aubry is pleasantly surprised to discover he actually respects her job.   When her father disapproves of their relationship, Aubry knows she’d rather lose Tucker than have him lose his job. But Tucker isn’t about to let threats of a trade get in the way of a game-changing love…


Reviewed: 2015-08-05

This couples love was evident from the beginning. I love the kind of man that Tucker is. He gives all he can to Aubry. They may think it's just fun but I could see it as more. The shocking revelation from Aubrys father had me angry. He was trying to control his daughter and it was outstanding what he thought he could do. I understand that he was trying to protect his daughter but he went to far. The Cassidy family is football prone so I was happy for the baseball player. Athletes are so attractive and Burton has a way of mixing everything together. Love, sex, and sports. This is one hot book. Can't wait to see more!

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