House in the Cerulean Sea

Tj Klune


Reviewed: 2020-07-15

What a beautiful story! I particularly adored the craft in this one. Klune masterfully walked the (very, VERY thin) line between "overt" and "heavy-handed" with his extended metaphor. It is extremely difficult, in my opinion, to write overt extended metaphors without crossing that line; I've read very few that managed it. In addition, the extended metaphor is really applicable to any marginalized group, or even abused individuals. It was so open and relatable across intersectional lines, and yet so tightly controlled. This control is what really moved the plot along, but, despite the overt metaphor and fairly obvious endgame, I never knew what was going to happen next. Basically, I knew what the ultimate ending was going to be, but how we got there was a constant surprise. (Though, not like plot-twisty surprise, just the perfect level of but never knowing which choices the characters would make next or how those choices would lead to where I knew this is going.) Also, as I face everything that has happened this summer and the possibility of unsafely returning to the classroom in less than a month... I really needed this message of hope.

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