What If We Were All the Same!

C. M. Harris, Eric Everett (Illustrator), Purple Diamond Press (Produced by)
The idea of What If We Were All The Same is to help children understand that there is nothing wrong with being different. Whether they have red hair or brown hair, green eyes or blue eyes, long legs or short legs, light skin or dark skin, glasses, uses a wheelchair or anything else, it's absolutely OKAY Our differences are what makes us unique and if we truly think about it, would you want to be the exact same as someone else? What if we all looked and had the skills of Bill Gates? How boring would it be to have millions of techies walking around? Who would have created music? art? food? clothes? and so much more What If We Were All The Same is fun-filled with rhymes and colorful illustrations, brings attention to tough topics children can relate to. Great book for parents; school introduction or back-to-school reading Great book for librarians and teachers; reading story-time Great book to discuss friendship, acceptance, empathy, bullying, and more Great multicultural representation of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance


Reviewed: 2021-04-25

Great book that shows that our individual differences make us all unique and special.

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#whatifwewereallt... This book teaches children that it is okay to be different. Being different is what makes us all unique.
#whatifwewereallt... I really like this book for children because the illustrations and words are simple and easy to understand and it conveys the base knowledge that the world would be very boring if we were all the same, it's
#whatifwewereallt... teaches children how to embrace the fact that we are all different and it is ok