Thirteenth Year [VHS], The

Duwayne Dunham
A fisherman chases a mermaid, she "temporarily" stows her newborn on a boat, the owners find the baby, and thus begins young Cody's life on land. Fast-forward to the kid's 13th birthday when he starts growing scales and sparking electricity. (Of course, that would make it the 14th year, but who's counting?) His swim-team stardom is threatened, his girlfriend is puzzled, and the nerdy brainiac who can't swim turns out to be his best ally. This tale of a popular dude who turns into a mer-boy and finds his undersea self--and biological mother--began life as a Disney Channel movie and stars Dave Coulier (TV's Full House) as the adoptive dad. Don't look for deep lessons during this 88-minute lark; it's strictly for fun. (Ages 5 and older) --Kimberly Heinrichs


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