I Have Roots & Branches: Personal Reflections on Adoption

Flory G. Herman
WINNER: 2004 Film Advisory Board AWARD OF EXCELLENCE!" While the process of adoption has been receiving increasingly greater attention, the feelings of those touched by adoption are often overlooked. Director and executive producer Flory G. Herman, a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys since 1994, takes an intimate look at adoption in this new must-see 47 minute documentary-style film "I Have Roots and Branches"...Personal Reflections on Adoption, a 2004 winner of a prestigious Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence, recognized world-wide for quality family/children's entertainment. The film conveys a positive, encouraging and honest message about adoption, and is most appropriate for children viewers. Viewers will find out first hand how it feels to have been adopted and discover that all kids have common experiences growing up in their homes, surrounded by the families they know and love. Families formed through adoption, prospective adoptive and birth parents and professionals in the adoption community should not miss this wonderful film. The video is appropriate for schools and libraries as a resource for adoption education.


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