Gospel Above All, A (Kit)

J.D. G, Greer
Gospel Above All Leader Kit includes a Bible Study Book and two DVDs with 11- to 26-minute video sessions. The videos include a promotional segment, teaching sessions featuring various contributors, and social media content for promoting the study. The Kit also includes codes for access to digital video downloads and additional resources available through Wordsearch Bible. Jesus promised to build His Church and said that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. Along with this promise, Jesus gave clear instructions for how the Church would prevail. He promised to build it on the Rock of the gospel. = This eight-session Bible study will give you a fresh perspective on the supremacy of the gospel over the trappings and temptations of modern society. Lead your group to a greater awareness and practice of gospel culture, gospel mission, gospel renewal, and gospel unity. In the video sessions, J.D. Greear is joined by David Platt, Jen Wilkin, Vance Pitman, Walter Strickland, Rosaria Butterfield, Greg Laurie, Albert Mohler, and Kevin Smith to examine what it means for believers to elevate the gospel above all other priorities in our lives and in our churches. Sessions include: 1. Gospel Above All 2. Gospel Change 3. Gospel Mission 4. Gospel Evangelism 5. Gospel Grace 6. Gospel Community 7. Gospel Unity 8. Gospel Victory


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