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Reviewed: 2020-05-31

The best description for this book/series in 10 words or less:

"Carefree girl finds herself struggling between love and riches."


This book hasn't been getting the greatest reviews because people are either not reading the story and saying it's basically The Selection or they are comparing it to The Selection. The Betrothed is an entirely different book in its own right and needs to be judged as such. It is meant to be a tale of what it is like to grow up as a noble in a kingdom rather than a rags-to-riches tale like The Selection.

This story is great if you're looking for a short and fun read. I felt like I breezed through this tale. The Betrothed is to be a little more suited for an audience slightly younger than The Selection. Personally, I think there is less teenage girl drama than The Selection because Hollis keeps a close circle and she really isn't competing with anyone.

I like how this is a story about a young lady who is careful and just happens to accidentally catch the attention of the newly crowned King Jameson who has been trying to find a wife to become the new queen. I think a lot of young teenagers can relate to Hollis as she just wants to have a good time. She's witty and a great conversationalist, which she uses to her advantage. Hollis' character seems fairly flat until you get to the last third to quarter of the book. It really started getting more interesting then and you can really see Hollis grow and have real conviction.

There is not very much character development in most of the supporting characters, except for Delia Grace and Valentina, and you can't really relate or truly like the male characters, such as Jameson and Silas. I think this intentional for Hollis' journey because this is about Hollis learning about who she is and who she wants to be. I am someone who doesn't like love triangles. This technically contains a love triangle but it didn't feel like it was really one. I think there was a clear indication and not much confusion for Hollis to choose between the two men.

There was a twist in the story I wasn't expecting, but it added some depth to the story. I found it interesting how this novel touched on how politics happen between two different countries, especially ones that are somewhat at odds with each other.


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