In the Eagle's Shadow: The United States and Latin America

Kyle Longley
All too often undergraduate readers can find themselvesoverwhelmed by foreign relations textbooks, the onslaught of names,events, and resultant policies and counterpolicies leaving themunable to form an appreciation, much less a working knowledge of,international relations. Worse yet, loose references to prominentscholars can leave them scratching their heads.It is with the student in mind that we are proud to present thesecond edition of our popular text, a concise narrative historythat in straightforward language relates the long and complexhistory of the relationships between the United States and thenations of Latin America.Like its predecessor, this new editon of In the Eagle’sShadowis ideal for use as a core text for courses in U.S-LatinAmerican relations, as well as engaging supplementary reading forthe U.S. or Latin American history surveys.


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