3-2-1 Penguins! The Doom Funnel Rescue

When a huge space tornado threatens to demolish a peaceful little colony in the Doublewide Constellation, Jason and the Penguins are called into action! But this "Doom Funnel" is bigger than any they've seen before! Can the Penguins reach the colony before it's too late? And what could Kevin's cute little robot friend, B.I.N.G., possibly have to do with any of this?!? Filled with laughs, action and a rare prune trifle burrito, The Doom Funnel Rescue! teaches kids that God wants us to help others whenever we have the chance! Featuring the Penguins' music video Spaceship Drivin' Man Concept and Storyboard Art - Early 3-2-1 Penguins! conceptual sketches How to Draw the Characters - Grab your pencil and learn to draw Grandpa and B.I.N.G.! Family Fun Activity - Play "Spider Web" with your family! 3-2-1 Bios! - Read all about the characters Interactive Storybook - Read-along with the story of "Larryboy and the Yodelnapper" in storybook form Space Academy School - Course #501: Learn about black holes 3-2-1 Trivia! - Tax your noodle with trivia from this episode! Recipes from Grandmum's Kitchen - Make some yummy Preston's Chocolate Mice Penguin Karaoke - Sing along to "Spaceship Drivin' Man" Space Maze! - Use your DVD remote to find your way through the maze Penguin Progression Reel - Compare the story reel to the finished show, side-by-side Hidden Easter Egg Features - More hidden goodies for persistent hunters DVD-ROM Features - Exclusive fun and activities Trailers, Sneak Previews and Other Cool Stuff - See what Big Idea is working on next! 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround - For the ultimate Penguins sound experience!


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