Best Things in Life Aren't Things, The

Joanne Davis
In the spirit of the inspirational best-seller Random Acts of Kindness comes a portable reminder of what really matters in life In a culture driven by materialism and consumerism —by the idea that “if you haven’t found happiness, then you just haven’t been to the right store”—it’s easy to forget that life is about more than acquiring the latest SUV or gold watch advertised on television. Life is a spiritual exercise that brings greatest fulfillment when we savor the extraordinary intangibles that are often right in front of us. Having a shoulder to cry on, the courage of our convictions, forgiveness granted for our transgressions, a loving friend’s affection and compassion —these are some of the best things life on earth has to offer. Through inspirational essays on family, faith, friends, virtue, service, community, and the beauty of the natural world, we explore and celebrate the real stuff of life. Followed by a list of the “best things” in each category, the book expands on the popular bumper sticker that expresses what people everywhere know to be true but need to be reminded of: The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things.


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