Psycho: A Novel

Robert Bloch
Robert Bloch's Psycho captivated a nation when it appeared in 1959. The story was all too real-indeed this classic was inspired by the real-life story of Ed Gein, a psychotic murderer who led a dual life. Alfred Hitchcock too was captivated, and turned the book into one of the most-loved classic films of all time the year after it was released. Norman Bates loves his Mother. She has been dead for the past twenty years, or so people think. Norman knows better though. He has lived with Mother ever since leaving the hospital in the old house up on the hill above the Bates motel. One night Norman spies on a beautiful woman that checks into the hotel as she undresses. Norman can't help but spy on her. Mother is there though. She is there to protect Norman from his filthy thoughts. She is there to protect him with her butcher knife.


Reviewed: 2018-10-20
Nice, ending is a bit cheesy. Hitchcock’s movie follows very accurately
Reviewed: 2018-07-30

Like so many of my generation I grew up watching the movie. In fact, for the longest time I thought a scene I saw a child was something that I imagined. It was the scene of Lila hitting the light bulb and it swinging back and forth illuminating Mother. It wasn't until I was in my teens that I finally saw the movie and then realized what I saw. 

Today, it was raining and I decided that my horror film festival could wait until tomorrow and I picked up Psycho. Throughout the book I wished I was coming to this book without knowing the story. That doesn't mean that I wasn't surprised at what happened. The book is darker. Norman is a 40 year fat (using the author's description) and very afraid of Mother. 

One little thing that I have to mention is this: Bloch mentions Ed Guin, the real killer who is the model for Norman Bates and Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs and one other famous fictional killer. Fun little fact.

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