Archangel Drones, The

Joe Nobody
With a bright future and loving family, Jacob's dreams and aspirations are about to come true. Hard work and a positive attitude have left the teenager poised at the threshold of a promising adult life. Then a chance encounter with the local police changes everything.   Jacob finds himself thrust into the bowels of a corrupt and overwhelmed criminal justice system... his life devastated, his future in jeopardy.   Caught in a swirling tempest of abusive police, powerful unions, and a legal system that is completely inadequate to deal with modern realities, Jacob and his parents are overmatched in the fight for justice - until their cause is joined by the Archangel Drones.Best-selling author Joe Nobody takes the reader on a fast-paced adventure with an average man who turns technology against corruption in a desperate fight to expose a broken system of government and clear his family's name.


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