Great Hunt (The Wheel of Time, Book 2), The

Robert Jordan
The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and pass. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow. For centuries, gleemen have told of The Great Hunt of the Horn. Now the Horn itself is found: the Horn of Valere long thought only legend, the Horn which will raise the dead heroes of the ages.And it is stolen.


Reviewed: 2021-04-11
Goddammit! The ending was awesome.
The only reason I'm not giving it 4 stars is because the rest of the story was too slow
for my taste :-P

Damn you, Robert Jordan! You *always* do this: Story progresses slow but by the end of the
book you do some amazing stuff.
Reviewed: 2021-01-21
Reviewed: 2018-10-06
Reviewed: 2018-04-21
This is part of the great reread leading to the culmination of the release of the last in the series. It reminds me again why I love this series and have held on through 12 large books. The plot maybe old hack but his characters are alive and just grow and changing with each book and each rereading. You can see all the little jabs and jobs that will lead you to the end. Another series that benefited by having the ending written first.
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