Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, Book 2)

Jim Butcher
Could a werewolf be loose in Chicago? Common sense says no. The grisly evidence says yes. So does Harry Dresden. And with his weird connections, he should know.


Reviewed: 2020-02-14
Another great book in the Deresden Files Series
Reviewed: 2018-12-26
It was nice to see you again, Harry Dresden.
This book stands alone better than most "Book 2 of Eleventy Million" books do. I already knew most of the core characters from the first book but I really didn't remember any of them before I picked it up as their general personalities and past interactions are pretty well covered.
The content wasn't too difficult and the writing was easy to process. I am tired of reading "Hell's bells" as an expletive. While the repetition of it was annoying to me, it made sense: People tend to spout the same curses repeatedly in stressful situations.
The story is fairly fun and seems to operate within the realm of its universe's own rules. The book does not suffer from the use of Deus ex Machina*; all of the pieces necessary for the resolution were provided through the course of the story.

*One of my least favorite literary devices.
Reviewed: 2018-01-25
Teil Zwei der Dresden Files:
Reviewed: 2016-06-16
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